Hey there! 

My name's Keith Zoo, I'm an artist living in Boston, MA. For the past decade I've been working as one of the Lead Artists at FableVision studios. 

Here you'll find an assortment of drawings, characters, and the worlds they live in. Take a skip through the site, and drop me a line if you're interested in contacting me about freelance - or just want to say hi. Thanks!



Mobi: The Art of Keith Zoo  

What do you get when you combine an intergalactic ad agency, a giant whale of an air ship, cavemen, crazed fish and an elite fighting air squadron? Well, you get my first art book: Mobi. 

It contains 40 pages of new content. The concept and story were created in conjunction with my friends Shaun Bryant and Jessie Kate Patterson as part of our group Jam Sammich. The book follows a robot art director and the promotional material he needs to create for his new client Mobi Airlines. 


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