Mixtape[z] - "Whiskey on the Rocks"

If you want a break from Christmas music and looking for a playlist to listen to, well look no further. This is my second mixtape, it's a bit slower than the first. Imagine yourself in a smokey, dimly lit club in the 30's - cause that's what I was envisioning when I made this collection. ( yes, there are two songs from "That Darned Cat", I freakin loved that movie ).

So sit back, grab a cigar, put a couple rocks in your glass and enjoy.


Rather than me ramble on and on about how freakin' amazing California is, how great CTNx was and all the people I got to meet.... here's some photos from my trip out west last month. Can't wait til next year.


A tiny snapshot of some of the goodies we got.

It was a great Expo, TONS of people to meet, so much amazing talent your face will melt off. As corny as it sounds, the thing that really got me were the people there. So many friendly faces, willing to chat, look at work, buy a print and have a beer or two and talk shop after. 

A special shout out to Chris Oatley, who originally put the bug in my ear about making the trip to CTN. I've been taking his online class, Painting Drama, to brush up on fundamentals again. Ultimately to become a better artist and story teller - and well... cause you can never learn enough.

This year my time was spent helping promote Chris, and review portfolios - but next year I'm most certain I'll be tabling with Renee. I can't wait!

See ya next year LA.





Mixtape[z] - "1988"

Ahh mixtapes... remember how many hours went into crafting the perfect playlist, all packaged together on a crappy piece of clear plastic? You took them with you on drives and most importantly - shared them with friends. I've been thinking about that a lot lately, and in spirit of the mixtape - I'm going to start a series of posts to share the music that inspires and drives me while I work. 

The stuff I listen to generally switches depending on what I'm creating - but to start things off I'm posting a tape called "1988". The general flavor has hints of 80's electronica, good beats and a splash of Tron/Blade Runner. 

I've been throwing this on when I just want to get into a zone and start working, especially 3. 03 Ghosts I from Nine Inch Nails, it just clicks something on in my brain and allows me to start working. 


Comment below if you dig it. Feel free to share. 



ArtCrank Boston 2013

Hello all! Since this is my first post since disbanding Blogger - let me break in the leather, it's still very new feeling. 


So I'm gonna make my first post about a killer event that I was just recently invited to be a part of called ArtCrank. It's a National and International show to celebrate both art - and bikes, both things that I'm very passionate about.  

Instead of blabbering on, this video will give you a good idea of what it's all about:



So the basic guidelines for the show were pretty simple: 

Make an image for a poster that had a. Bikes b. Something about the city you live in (sort of optional) and c. HAD to be screen printed.  

Charles Youel (ArtCrank founder) had emailed a bunch of artists in Boston to get suggestions on local screen printers. Of course the first person to come to mind is my good friend Jay over at AntiDesigns. The two of us have worked full time at FableVision in the past and also worked on quite a few screens together now, so of course he was my instant go to guy.


The event was kickass, awesome art, 5 dollars got you 2 beers, 24 hour Hubway pass, and money got donated to Liveable Streets.  Win win situation.