Mixtape[z] - "1988"

Ahh mixtapes... remember how many hours went into crafting the perfect playlist, all packaged together on a crappy piece of clear plastic? You took them with you on drives and most importantly - shared them with friends. I've been thinking about that a lot lately, and in spirit of the mixtape - I'm going to start a series of posts to share the music that inspires and drives me while I work. 

The stuff I listen to generally switches depending on what I'm creating - but to start things off I'm posting a tape called "1988". The general flavor has hints of 80's electronica, good beats and a splash of Tron/Blade Runner. 

I've been throwing this on when I just want to get into a zone and start working, especially 3. 03 Ghosts I from Nine Inch Nails, it just clicks something on in my brain and allows me to start working. 


Comment below if you dig it. Feel free to share.